Turning Vampire series

 This snapshot of an old storefront became the background for a website title page for the Turning Vampire series. The roof, sky, window and moon were added from other photos.

We were running short on time and so I created this cover for the 4th novel in the Turning Vampire series. It will eventually be replaced by a cover from the excellent artist who usually does the covers, I think.

For the background I used a photo of the old family house in Minnesota. It was built by an ancestor of mine as  a wedding gift for his bride. It started out as a small house and then as the family size grew, so did the house, with additions that created some interesting juts in its shape, rather like the Washington State house where Georgia lived for a while. What is lacking is the forest of fir trees.


COMMENTS? Some of Phoebe's photos have been used on book covers of her Phoebe Matthews novels and short story collections. To see the completed book covers, go to HOME page. Phoebe would love to hear from you! Her email address is Mudflatbks@aol.com

 In the Mudflat Magic series, Claire and Tarvik often find themselves on the Seattle ferry on their way to the Olympic Peninsula. These photos were taken on the dock, going and returning.

The photos snapped on a ferry became part of book covers. You will see them at work in covers on the Home page.

The Space Needle shot was taken by a friend with her iPhone. Amazing!

This photo is part of the cover illustration of Spice and Sorcery, Mudflat book 4.

 Crescent Lake, below, is on the Olympic Peninsula where Georgia goes to find vampires.


Cover for Barbarian Toy Boy

Photo of coffee shop used in cover of third Mudflat Magic novel.


Cover for Wicked Good Stories

This photo became the wraparound cover for the print version of the Wicked Good Stories collection.